November 12 2008 Conference Call

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VRM Notes - November 19 Conf Call

Iain Joe A Dean L Charles Renee

several members could not join...

IIW recap Joe A -- Monday, doc, eve, bill smtih, iain for conversation about IPR. what and why how to approach it....IP creates org; must have a clear policy around what rights relative to our discussions. indivi contrib IP from larger company who actually owns it.

We are creating IP regarding rel-button. areas of concern -- if not taken care of, there could be a lawsuit on ownership without dealing with this, we cannot take any spec thru a standards assn.

Get indiv involved to get IP happen OAuth had this issue.

RAND reasonable and non descriminatory, fair, reasonable, royalty-free covenants to non-assert need an institutional infastructure look more closely at the part of IEEE Liberty is not incorporated; working as a IEEE group. Entry price = 2500 - 2000 / year cost of ISTO, IEST (IEEE legal entity) -- you buy into the service and you don't have to incorporate. You are insulated by paying for membership.

Doc suggested that Joe, Renee, Joyce talk about legal stuff.

We demo'd the R-button (done by Asa Hardcastle) pretty good engagement from those who had not seen it before; good response from Paul Madsen, Johannes, (why is it better than a Paypal or Digg button?)

Drummond realized that combined in the button behind the popup, you can use the users relationship services and the radio paradise services ; if the URI that is unique to the relationship were discoverable identifier, you could discover other relationship services possible, and connect the user to them.

number of permutations on states got complicated, some consensus around 3 states. (this probably needs to be more formally closed)

a mechanism for personal RFPs could be enabled. If a user cruising along the page, finds unique discoverable identifier -- relationship service could note the interest (generate a personal RFP) that could then be crawled by a provider and contact the potential customer. R-card is designed to do this as well.

purchase intention -- personal information volunteer group -- liberty working group; Iain categorizes 16 data types to get

--- had a meeting with doc, joe, keith harper, iain, trying to get the declaration of independence for the lay person to understand why this is important and good for therm. What would a spec have to do to be a VRM std; independence, engagement. -- is in google docs...

drummond joined

Joe: what are we trying to do with the organization. Berkman can be the keeper of the 'flame' for the principles of the org. We also could create a -- who's on the Board, how to deal with potential conflicts of interest, -- who gets to decide who runs the show. a separate entity from Berkman is all we know at present.

see link from dean.

Doc says the netherlands is a hotbed -- 70 people to hear the VRM talk.

Iain -- not enough doing; relative to too much talking. Alan Mitchell won't join the calls because there is not enough value in them. The org issue was placed on the agenda a year ago; we still have it.

Joe: going to VPI/Liberty might help; how to secure corp membership and dealing with Berkman requires significant effort.

Dean: we are all volunteers; multiple different initiatives; it's not easy. the public VRM list attendees may be amused by silence since things are going on in the background. independent and unattached processes may converge....

Renee: We have a need for decisions; a need for an org. But we are still at a phase where this is a volunteer organization. Funding issue is part of this. what and how are still up in the air. The tyranny of email -- 50 thoughts in a thread -- it goes round and round.

Dean: Holidays may be a good time to get some of this organized. Proposals -- if we don't seize the moment, we'll get weaker than stronger. we all have time pressures.

Doc needs to state what he needs to have happen. Started with ICF template but then did.

-- we must discuss this and come to a decision. Doc needs to be part of that discussion. propose a set of activities.

Charles jumped to an activity that the organization could do in baby steps that has a real world example. Equifax now issues an information card that potentially has both abstract cliams (I am over 18) and concrete ones (My birthdate is: Jan 2, 1952). It will be up to relying parties that accept the card to individually determine whether they will only accept the abstract claim or require the concrete one. Project VRM could start an activity that makes recommendations about sites that accept the abstract claim. The activity could start with something as simple as a quote, but later expand to a certification program as the VRM legal entity gets going.

At any rate,since the ICF is driving this activity, this is low hanging fruit to move Project VRM toward a concrete example. Such implementations can only help make this effort more real.