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Categories of VRM data

What you've done, like, and want

Done: Transaction history. Your copy of your transaction/interaction record categorized

Like: Preferences. Where do you like to sit on a plane, car, color, and size

Dislike: Preferences, allergies, etc.

Want: Personal RFP. What things do you want to buy and how do you describe your need

Perhaps there is a service to intelligently inform one category from another. For instance, by looking at a transaction history you can deduce preferences and suggest wants. You always want to sit in the aisle seat and buy milk every week.

VRM meets DRM

Perhaps VRM should stand for Vendor Rights Management as well as Vendor Relationship Management.

Perhaps rights management and relationship management should be the same thing.

Perhaps companies doing DRM wouldn't have to bear the full responsibility for managing the rights involved in relationships. Things could be done by mutual agreement by both sides.

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