March 8 2007 Meeting notes

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This is a in-meeting draft. Please send any updates through IM to

  • AIM: jpandrieu
  • ICQ: 6541735
  • Yahoo: jpandrieu

Conference Call Notes

Drafted by Joe Andrieu, March 8, 2007


Next VRM Conference Call: Thursday March 8 at 10:30 AM Pacific / 1:30 PM Eastern

Please note: different dial-in number effective as of the next call.

Here are all the key details:

  • VRM Conference Call
  • Date: Thursday, March 8, 2007
  • Time: 10:30 PDT, 1:30 EST
  • Dial-in Number: 1-218-486-1300 Please note, this is the NEW NUMBER to use!!
  • Conference Bridge Access Code #: 170658

As usual we are going to record the call for potential future use as a reference audio or podcast. The MP3s of the two prior calls can be found on the Community Portal page of the Project VRM wiki.

Do you have an agenda item for the call? Please send it to the group (or to me, if you're feeling shy).

Some members of our group have had timing conflicts (other calls or meetings) with the day and time of these Thursday calls. If a Wednesday call would be better, please advise. Let's do our best to maximize participation and productivity.

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(please update with last names & IM if you'd like a backchannel during the call...)

  • Kevin Marks
  • Kevin Baron
  • Iain Henderson
  • Joe Andrieu
    • AIM: jpandrieu
    • ICQ: 6541735
    • Yahoo: jpandrieu
  • Dean Landman
  • Nick
  • Chris Carfi
  • Tom Hawkin


what who when status
---------- ---------- ---------- ----------
open id on wiki david no date
group blog/RSS to wiki (venus) doc no date still working on it
project VRM definition doc 1 week still working on it
brainstorm Initiatives all ongoing
relationship/expression matrix chris/deb feb 1 DONE
Set up Jabber Host for conference calls doc no date new


This call moving to Wednesday. Same time.

National Public Media


In the hosting business, it would be great to have RFPs and responses where you could compare providers without knowing their names, then follow up after a first filter.

Large companies have hugely different needs from small companies. So, there will be more than one split than just B2B and B2C.

Indeed, there are many vertical/horizontal distinctions that can and should be pulled apart. We should put as many ideas as we can onto the mailing list and blog: as many use cases, potential businesses, etc. The whole VRM category is extremely large. Lets break it into pieces and get that started.

Dean: ok. Let's get a B2B thread going on the blog.

Access by License Requirements

Everyone wants other people's data in a semantically rich way. Nobody wants to share theirs. The result is that private datafeeds have access & terms of use requirements, while spidering the open web bypasses these requirements. This is inhibiting widespread use of semantic HTML online.

This appears to be a catch-22.

Perhaps there is a Creative Commons approach.

Distinguishing not WHO you are but THAT you are could be very useful. For example, instead of identifying the person in particular, identify the credentials.

This would be open immediately to gaming the situation. And that is the role of the 3rd party identity provider/claims verifier.

There are apparently parallel situations in the semiconductor industry. Shortage expectations can create phantom demand, which implicates expected fulfillment by exacerbating the shortage.

  • The Bullwhip Effect (Chris will post)

This resonates with a prior topic of meaningful consquences in the VRM commons.

Action Items

what who when status
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Next Meeting

March 22, 1:30PM EST