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It's easy to start editing pages on this wiki! It is the job of every registered user to try and improve these pages. Wikis work best when everyone is involved and adding, editing, reworking, and checking the contents.

How Do I Start?

Log in (you must have a login to edit). Click on the "edit" tab at the top of any page. You will then begin editing the page you are on. There is a helpful Cheatsheet to learn the basics of formatting your changes.

Can I Practice?

You bet. Try out editing on the Sandbox Page. Anything goes there.

When Should I Jump In?

A Wiki benefits from the "Be bold" philosophy. If you see something that can be improved, do not hesitate to do it yourself. Improvements come from the iterative additions and edits of all of us. Pages keep a revision history, so nothing can't be undone (click on the "history" tab at the top of the page).

What Happens When There is Disagreement?

If someone disagrees with you, or you with them, then good! We've inspired involvement, and through edits and discussion on the Talk Page, consensus can be reached (each wiki page has its own respective talk page). Wikis work great for emerging concepts and themes like VRM that will benefit from exploration and the evolution of mutual agreement. Paradoxically, edits that introduce diversions from commonly-held understanding is what helps best build and spread editorial consensus.

When Should We Use the Talk Page?

Every wiki page has a talk page. Click on the "discussion" tab at the top of the page to get there. Whenever you have a question that's holding you back from an edit or when conversation seems more appropriate than document-building. Please sign your comments on the talk page with four tildes ("~~~~") which will automatically drop in your username and time stamp.

How Do I Keep Track of What's Going On?

There is a special page called "Recent Changes" that keeps a running list of all recent changes to the wiki. Think of this like a news feed of what's going on. Check out what other people are doing. Piggyback on their changes.

You can also watch pages by clicking on the "watch" tab at the top of a page. This adds the page to your personal Watchlist. You can visit this page any time to see what changes have been made, by whom, and when. For example, you can add the VRM vision page to your watchlist by clicking here. There are all sorts of additional Special Pages that are worth checking out.

Can I be Automatically Alerted Through Email?

You can receive email alerts when changes happen to watched pages by adjusting your Preferences page.