Februrary 06 2008 Conference Call

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Conference Call Notes

Drafted by Joe Andrieu, February 6, 2007


  1. vrm at chat.freenode.net

Other Calls

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  • Joe Andrieu
  • Charles Andres
  • Iain Henderson
  • Keith Hopper

Continuing Action Items

  1. Proposals from committee chairs. Monday 12/17. Dean, Joe, Doc, Adrianna, Ian.
  2. Starting email/invite to all the groups from committee chair to kickstart the conversation.
  3. Respond with vision statement. 12/31/2007. All steering committee members.
  4. Follow up with Doc re: wiki & spam. Joe. 12/12.


Vision Committee (Dean)

Collected a lot of data, but need to organize a bit more, both in terms of what we are doing and what we should do with the vision statements from everyone.

Keith recommends weaving the new "public facing" web page into the vision committee, on the basis that if the vision work is about clearly communicating the VRM vision, it would seem to include a proper online presence.

Standards Committee (Joe)

Use Case write up is online with a framework and first pass with the Change of Address use case. I'd like to get feedback from other committee members, rev the online pages, then open it to a wider audience.

Use Cases

Organization Committee (Doc)

No report at this stage.

Compliance committee is waiting for movement here. Brett & Iain submitted a proposal and still need some direction regarding the organizational decisions.

Standards committee also needs closure on IP-related issues.

There have been other organizations that have spun-out. One current project, such as Stop Bad-Ware, is at Berkman and has had a bit more success defining itself. Maybe we can learn something from that.

Usage Committee (Adriana)

There is now a UK social meeting. Next meet 27th of Feb, see link http://www.mediainfluencer.net/2008/01/vrm-meeting-in-london/

And an upcoming EU Identity conference and associated VRM "unconference".

We also have the upcoming IIW in May.

Since we know these are coming, we could start doing more planning. However, it seems that we need to get Doc to make some commitments about one option or another.

Note, Iain set up a public Google Calendar and sent to the group; but message bounced - will look into it and re-send.


Compliance Committee (Iain)

Proposal has been made. We're still waiting for clarity on which organisation a compliance capability would sit under.

Challenges with Google Groups for subcommittees

Folks have been having problems with signing up to the committee list and that seems to have throttled back the conversations.

  1. We encourage folks to sign up for as many groups whose conversations they might find interesting. Such "silent" or associate membership doesn't imply that one has "signed up" to do work, but is a good way to open the conversation a bit.
  2. Let's work through the technical barriers and make sure that all of the committees are functioning smoothly from an IT standpoint. The rest of our lives are competition enough, we don't need tech problems further constraining folks involvement.

Difficulties with sustaining energy & enthusiasm

It seems that the split into committees may have isolated a bunch of conversations that were previously generating a lot of activity and energy. It would be great to find ways to reconnect that energy back into a larger conversation and get Doc to dive in a bit more often as an internal advocate and promoter.

Target 1 workshop/quarter

It was noted that if we plan far enough ahead, we have a much better chance of getting folks together to get work done. Toward that end, we suggested the we target 1 workshop/quarter, planned out at least one quarter ahead. That way, we can start to rally and schedule appropriately.

Next Workshop: EU Identity Conference April 22,2008

Third Quarter?: East coast event?

Internet Retailers conference in Chicago in July? DIDW in Anaheim in September?

Fourth Quarter?: IIW December

Q1 2008?

Action Items

  1. Forward presentation deck to vision committee - Charles Andres - Today
  2. Ping Dean about Vision committee to schedule a meeting about objectives, next steps - Keith Hopper - By Friday Feb 8.
  3. Schedule an IP policy discussion - Joe Andrieu - by Friday Feb 8.
  4. Download components to new CMS website - Charles Andres - by Friday Feb 15.
  5. Send out link to notes to steering committee - Joe Andrieu - Today

Next Meeting