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* Drummond Reed
* Drummond Reed
* Sean Bohan
* Sean Bohan
* Deb Powers
* Deb Schultz

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Conference Call Notes

Drafted by Joe Andrieu, February 11, 2009


#vrm at chat.freenode.net

Other Calls

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  • Joe Andrieu
  • Dean Landsman
  • Iain Henderson
  • Keith Hopper
  • Alan Mitchell
  • Doc Searls
  • Renee Lloyd
  • Drummond Reed
  • Sean Bohan
  • Deb Schultz


SocCom WOrkshop (Jeff Pulver)

(Report by Dean) Three panels talking VRM without knowing it. The marketing panel was totally off, but others talking about digital presence, VPI came up, medical records came up, being able to control which of your identities you put out where.

There's a lot of headway.

When the time comes, we need to be placing this discussion in a lot of different contexts.

Lots of discussion at SocCom about the idea of going to Starbucks, waving a card and automagically telling the guy what you want.

Black Belt Gorilla

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GchfVy6hgVA&NR=1 is an interesting video that has some nice ideas. Doc has suggested this as a mascot. Dean resoundingly supports it.

(From Michael O'Connor Clarke [michaelocc@gmail.com]) The SAP ad is an...er... "homage" to something done a few years ago as part of a safety campaign Transport for London (here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ahg6qcgoay4 ), but it's still good stuff.

(From Renee Lloyd [reneelloyd@mac.com]) The "Where's the Gorilla" piece stems from an organization doing studies in visual awareness. It was used in a few TED Talks. Check out this link for more info : http://blog.ted.com/2008/11/wheres_the_gori.php

We can let this float a bit and see how it works. Either it will stick or it won't.

Joe says he doesn't feel like /we/ are a gorilla. Doc agrees, but points out that maybe the Gorilla is the disgruntled user, and vendors aren't really paying attention.

The gorilla is pretty flexible (from Deb), and it can be either the dumb gorilla on the street or King Kong. As we start to put it in people's minds, it gives them something to work with.

If we go with the Gorilla. Deb is working working with an animation site The Gloomers. The Addams family meets the Simpsons.

Face to Face

Trying to lock down a date & venue.

Pre-IIW? Stanford

Friday, Saturday May 15 and 16th.

We'll try and lock down the venue this week.


Doc reaches out to Drummond for an invite. XDI is at the heart of that and Drummond is the heart of XDI. Next up is figuring out the XDI dictionary. Drummond says next Monday looks good.


Doc had hoped to have something ready by this week. Doing a lot of progress, rewriting, especially principles. Next is to get into into Drupal 5.6, which is the native framework over at Berkman. Doc is home this week cranking on it.

Upcoming Meetings

  • Thursdays 10:30AM PST: R-button
  • Tuesdays 1:30PM PST: ListenLog
  • Alternating Wednesdays (Next 1/21) 10AM PST Standards committee call
  • Alternating Wednesdays (Next 1/21) 12:30 EST Marketing committee call

Next Meeting