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Committees are based on goals that have been articulated and agree at the VRM meeting that took place at Google offices in Mountain View, CA on 2nd December 2007.

VRM Goals & Committees

VRM Goals

  1. Define and advocate a clear vision for a VRM world
  2. Ensure the Development and publishing of open standards and specifications for VRM services
  3. Create a lightweight and effective organisational structure
  4. Drive VRM usage
  5. Create and oversee VRM compliance program

VRM Vision Committee

Dean Landsman & Doc Searls & Jerry Michalski & Charles Andres & Keith Hopper & Adriana Lukas & Iain Henderson & Deb Schultz & Alan Mitchell

== VRM Requirements and Specs Committee == (and Standards?) Brett & Drummond Reed & Alan & Joe Andrieu & Paul & Iain Henderson

Requirements that came out of a Change of Address Use Case analysis:

  • Address stored independently of any particular vendor
  • Owner of address can choose who stores canonical source
  • Data should be in an open format and portable without data or service loss
  • Data transfer/portability is always under user control
  • Vendors can discover the appropriate service for each user

VRM Organisation Committee

Doc Searls & Brett & Charles Andres & Joe Andrieu Charter process for subgroups see [[1]]

VRM Usage Committee

Adriana Lukas & Chris Carfi & Deb Schultz & Alan Mitchel & Dean Landsman( & Sean Bohan) & Kaliya

== VRM Compliance Committee == (and Standards? see VRM Requirements and specs) Iain Henderson & Brett