August 6 2008 Conference Call

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Conference Call Notes

Drafted by Joe Andrieu, August 6, 2008


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  • Joe Andrieu
  • Dean Landsman
  • Deb Schultz
  • Doc Searls
  • Chris Carfi
  • Iain Henderson
  • Brett McDowell
  • Charles Andres
  • Drummond Reed


Previously suggested agenda item

Face to face meetings.


  1. previous action items
  2. action items

Previous Action Items

  1. List of attendees to Doc. Dean. By end of day today.
  2. Thank you note to attendees. Doc. By end of day tomorrow.
  3. Touch base with Charles re: Website landing. Dean. By Friday.
  4. Decision about regular Relbutton meeting. Doc. By end of day today.

Landing Page

Dean asks everyone to please take a look and send in your comments.

Doc's first comments... we do need to have something that indicates Project VRM is a Berkman thing. Also, we do need to create a separate organization, with some kind of relationship (close or far) with Berkman. That org and the Project VRM site need to be fit together.

So, this landing page is for the ProjectVRM project at Berkman. We'll figure the rest out once we get the new org up and running.

Relbutton Meetings

Keith, Doc, and Jake Shapiro got together and are having infrequent calls on this. Getting something on the iPhone is a moving target, but very interesting.

Doc & Keith bought an iPhone to see how it works.

There are four iPhone tuners... with mixed features.

Null River is the company making one of those Tuners.

There is a grant in the works to make an iPhone app that is a relbutton tuner.


Silicon Valley company doing iPhone development, they also have a software version of the iPhone that allows you to breadboard applications for the iPhone. BT just bought them. JP Rangaswami is their chairman. Good synergistic opportunity.

Chris Allen

Great article(s) on iPhone issues and speed bumps.


Dean suggests getting them involved. Doc agrees. We are committed to a cross-platform application. iPhone is getting traction, but we definitely want it to be everywhere.

Brett mentioned John Kemp of Nokia--the webservices API architect--is already a big VRM supporter.

Face to Face Meetings

Next IIW

Dean suggests a general session before the next IIW... plus an east coast event on a six month timeframe.

Discussion about what would be different between a general session and a face-to-face at IIW.

Doc suggests a leadership meeting on either side of IIW.

Then, have a general session later, perhaps in January.

So, for IIW, let's plan on a November 13, the day after IIW.

Much discussion about before/after, Sunday or Monday verses Thursday. Ended up with a commitment to Thursday the 13th.

Thoughts are to make it a Wednesday afternoon start, with a morning meeting.


Brett re-introduces the IDTBD effort and asks for Doc's and ProjectVRM/Berkman to have an official representative working with the effort. The job of this person would be to be a liaison between IDTBD and Berkman, whether their ends up being official support or engagement before.

Joe, Dean, and Iain volunteered to help up.

Suggested agenda item

Open Web Foundation, perhaps inviting Gabe or Ben or Dave to join us


Action Items

Next Meeting