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'''VRM Workshop'''
'''VRM Workshop'''
Working dinner on 12Nov
Around IIW
Workshop day on 13Nov
Working dinner on 12Nov 2008
Workshop day on 13Nov 2008

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20Aug2008 VRM Call


  • Doc Searls
  • Renee Lloyd
  • Iain Henderson
  • Christopher Carfi
  • Dean Landsman
  • Drummond Reed
  • Keith Hopper


Doc gave status on four items:

  • Org
  • RelButton
  • Landing Page
  • Next VRM Workshop

Details below.


If people want to get involved, how do they do so?

We need to create a separate org that's its own thing outside the Berkman Center. More on this in September.

Possible model is to have an advisory board, could include Vendors.

Would like to get ad-agency quality image people involved for RelButton, etc., and improve the overall "cool looking" and "box office" nature of the VRM efforts.


Had a RelButton call yesterday.

Three states: wish to relate (customer-driven), wish to relate (vendor-driven), existence of relationship (mutual).

Doc will be visiting Parity on/around 2Sept for some further discussion on the potential opportunity/overlap between the Mydex VPI 'button' (which initiates a volunteered personal information sharing relationship) and Relbutton.

Doc having trouble posting to IDtbd list.

http://www.tribler.org conversation. Tribler is a .org opensource project, run out of Delft University of Technology. Tribler is a torrent search/distribution infrastructure. The Triblerians have a concept for a "Universal Tip Jar." (n.b. "universal tip jar" as a phrase returns only EIGHT google hits, get the domain while you can...)

Red Camera (http://red.com) - professional grade video camera systems at a price point that individual humans can afford.

Red Camera + Tribler is a nifty combination.

Landing Page

http://www.projectvrm.net is the landing page.

http://www.projectvrm.org will redirect to the blog (landing) page.

The wiki will persist, and be linked from the "new" projectvrm.org site.

VRM Workshop

Around IIW

Working dinner on 12Nov 2008

Workshop day on 13Nov 2008