2010 03 25 Steering Committee call notes

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Notes from Project VRM Meeting March 25, 2010 1 - 2 PM EDT

Present: - Doc - Dean - Sean - Iain - Charles - Judi

Dean remarked that tone, quantity, and quality of discussion on the project VRM list is at an all time high

Judi mentioned the new NIHN wiki is beginning to deal with VRM issues around medical records and the indvidual as a participant in the movement of medical information about the patients. She encouraged anyone interested to join. Mike Kirkwood and Adrian Gropper have long championed individuals taking more control of access to their medical records. Connection to NHIN Direct here: [1]

Doc reported that the VRM Project "Listen log" is being put into a public radio player. This is a prototype only. Doc reported further work on Emancipay.

Doc is working with lawyer and VRooMer, Renee Lloyd who he reported is applying great original thinking to user gernerated or user located forms for expressing intent. The methods they are working on should make it easier for users to wield a greater level of control, and for companies to simplify their terms of service.

Doc reported that Craig Burton and Kynetx are working on a new data concept where parts of your virtual artifacts -- your digital wallet, etc. are personalized and held by you, even though the data is in a trusted cloud managed by another entity.

Kaliya is gearing up IIW. ProjectVRM will hold a workshop the Sunday before starting at 8:30 AM. Judi Clark is working on locating a space.

Doc reported that a new conference occurred in Washington DC, called "Map the Gap". It is dedicated to having techologists and lawyers engage in dialog, since there is a significant difference in implementation speeds between where tech is and where the laws affecting the societal effects are, hence, the 'gap.