2010 03 25 Steering Committee call notes

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Notes from Project VRM Meeting March 25, 2010 1 - 2 PM EDT

Present: - Doc - Dean - Sean - Iain - Charles - Judi

Dean remarked that tone, quantity, and quality of discussion on the project VRM list is at an all time high

Judi mentioned the new NIHN wiki is beginning to deal with VRM issues around medical records and the indvidual as a participant in the movement of medical information about the patients. She encouraged anyone interested to join. Mike Kirkwood and Adrian Gropper have long championed individuals taking more control of access to their medical records. Connection at [1] Listem log into public radio player in the cloud; prototype only

Emanicpay work is under way (Doc)

Rene origianl thinig of user gernerated or user located forms of expressing intention, not nec. contractiual....

make it easier for companies NOT to do ToS

Rene and Craig Burton are now connected

what is mine: wallet, glasses, etc. even tho the data is in a trusted cloud somewhere.

your pie in the sky

encompass info sharing, policies, preferences.

kaliya was at doc's house all weekend

Many efforts are unconnected:

  • Craig, kynetx
  • paul, azigo
  • joe, iain, judi, infor sharing
  • mike, adrian, health info

there are VRM aspects to all these things looking at IIW as the unifying next juncture; Need to loop the efforts together

Day before IIW, Information Sharing Scenarios Development workshop [2] on Sunday, 8:30 AM

Rene working with Joyce, Doc --> what is VRM when it spins off from Berkman -- another school year needed to retain affiliation.

Rene working on a doc right now; map the gap conference in DC, ID Legal -- tech and legal move at different rates. the difference is the gap. Dialog at "Map the Gap" conference in D.C. NIH: "individual is zero, no matter how many zeros you have, it's still zero."

Look at legal model on the buy and sell side; need to think creatively on the Info sharing group - Joe A