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    With Prof. Arthur Miller

    Privacy in Cyberspace, with Prof. Arthur Miller was among the offerings in the second year of the Berkman Center for Internet & Society's experimental Online Lecture & Discussion Series.

    Information on future online lecture and discussion series is now available.

    Privacy in Cyberspace was free and open to the public. Except for the discussion areas, the series content is now archived for you to browse. If prompted for a username and password, enter guest and guest.

    The weekly lessons in this discussion series began with a hypothetical situation described by Professor Miller. Each lesson is designed to make you think about the legal and technical problems presented by reading a selection of materials we have collected. Participants in the series were then asked to bring their ideas and questions to our online discussion forums and email rotisserie. Each lesson concluded with a realtime chat with Professor Miller or an invited guest.

    The links in the side navigation bar correspond to these sections of the weekly lessons:

    • Introduction points to this page
    • Calendar offers a schedule of weekly lessons, including a break for the Harvard Law School spring break.
    • Syllabus gives an overview of upcoming lessons. Bear in mind that later weeks are not yet filled in.
    • Weekly Assignments link to the hypothetical and readings offered in each week's segment.
    • The Lecture Hall holds archives of the realtime chats.
    • The Reference Area holds additional privacy links.
    • We ask for your Feedback as part of our research in distance learning. Follow the link or email at any time.

    The Berkman Center is presenting these series to the Internet public as a forum for learning and discussion. As part of our own research in cyberspace, we are experimenting with software for online communication and will be trying various forms of interaction throughout the series. Please bear in mind the experimental nature of this offering, especially in the early weeks.

    Thank you.

    --Professor Arthur R. Miller and Teaching Fellows

    Berkman Center for Internet & Society