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With Prof. Arthur Miller
Begins March 15

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To begin, please watch Professor Miller's Welcome Video (requires free RealPlayer) or read the transcript.

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The weekly lessons in this discussion series will begin with a hypothetical situation described by Professor Miller. We will ask you to begin thinking about the legal and technical problems presented by reading a selection of materials we have collected. We will then open discussion forums for each group of participants led by a law school student Teaching Fellow. You will be invited to ask questions, raise concerns, and offer your own suggested solutions. The Teaching Fellows will also ask you questions in these forums and share your responses with other participants. Each lesson will conclude with a realtime chat with Professor Miller or an invited guest.

The links in the side navigation bar correspond to these sections of the weekly lessons:

  • Introduction points to this page
  • Calendar offers a schedule of weekly lessons, including a break for the Harvard Law School spring break.
  • Syllabus gives an overview of upcoming lessons. Bear in mind that later weeks are not yet filled in.
  • Current Topic links to the hypothetical scenario, readings, and questions for the current lesson.
  • The Discussion Area hosts a threaded discussion for each section.
  • The Lecture Hall will host the realtime chats with Professor Miller, Monday evenings at 6:30 EST.
  • Rotisserie will feature your answers to questions our friendly Bot asks, and the responses of your fellow participants.
  • The Directory lists participants and staff, based on the information they have decided to make public.
  • The Reference Area will be filled with background material as the series progresses. You will be able to add links of your own.
  • Help provides contextual help with various pages. You may also email with questions.
  • We ask for your Feedback as part of our research in distance learning. Follow the link or email at any time.

The Berkman Center is presenting these series to the Internet public as a forum for learning and discussion. As part of our own research in cyberspace, we are experimenting with software for online communication and will be trying various forms of interaction throughout the series. Please bear in mind the experimental nature of this offering, especially in the early weeks.

We look forward to working with you.

--Professor Arthur R. Miller and Teaching Fellows

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