IRAN, ISLAMIC REPUBLIC OF. Law on Islamic Penalties 1991, Law No. 586. (Translation provided by the International Labour Organisation.)

Book Four: Compensation (diye)

* * *

Section Twelve: Compensation (diye) for miscarriage

Article 487. Compensation (diye) for miscarriage is according to the classification below:

1) compensation (diye) for semen which was established in the uterus: 20 dinars;

2) compensation (diye) for an embryo which is coagulated blood: 40 dinars;

3) compensation for a foetus which has attained the shape of flesh: 60 dinars;

4) compensation (diye) for an embryo at a phase when it has attained the shape of bone but the flesh has not yet grown: 80 dinars;

5) compensation for an embryo in which the connected flesh and bones are complete but life is not yet present: 100 dinars;

Note: In the above stages there is no difference between a male and a female child.

6) Compensation (diye) for a miscarried infant in which life is present. If it is a male, full compensation (diye) is paid, and if it is a female half of full compensation (diye); if its sex is indeterminate, three-quarters of full compensation (diye) is to be paid.

Article 488. If the foetus dies or is aborted as a result of the death of the mother, the compensation (diye) for a foetus at whatever stage of development it may be is increased by the compensation (diye) for the mother.

Article 489. If a woman aborts her own child, the compensation (diye) for it at whatever stage of development it may be is to be paid; but she herself shall not receive any part of the compensation (diye).