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    Where can you find DeCSS?

    Worldwide mirror lists collected at http://www.zpok.demon.co.uk/decss/:

    2600.com has appealed the movie studios' District Court injunction ordering them to remove DeCSS code and links to sites hosting DeCSS. In the meantime, the website continues to list, without linking, host sites.

    The plaintiffs have generously located many DeCSS sites and listed them in their California complaint and declarations filed with their recent motion to enjoin 2600.com from linking.

    View many forms of DeCSS and equivalents (are they? -- you decide) in Dave Touretzky's DeCSS Gallery. Touretzky gave brilliant testimony at trial on the impossibility of drawing a lines between the expressive content of source and object code.

    Read Frank Stevenson's analysis of the Contents Scrambling System (original at lemuria.org) or John Hoy's reply declaration including CSS source code, filed with the California state court (HTML by Cryptome).

    This MIT Seminar discussed DeCSS, and demonstrated this Perl script to descramble CSS and watch a movie. See also this "quick" version.

    DeCSS has been set to music (MP3) and given a dramatic reading. It has even been propagated through DNS (the domain name system), see TBTF for details.

    42 ways to distribute DeCSS!

    Who's linking DeCSS now? Find it through your favorite search engine. CNN (Time Warner) pulled a link a journalist had included to illustrate a story (the link remains at the bottom of the linux World version).

    Wendy Seltzer
    Berkman Center for Internet & Society