Subject: [CAFE-News] Media Advisory: EFF pre-trial DVD Press Briefing

  Media Advisory
  July 10, 2000

  EFF Sponsors DVD Litigation Press Briefing on Eve of DMCA Trial in NY

  WHO: Electronic Frontier Foundation, Martin Garbus, Emmanuel Goldstein
  WHAT: EFF Press Briefing on New York DVD Trial
  WHEN: Friday, July 14th, 2000 at 1:00PM
  WHERE: Hotel Pennsylvania, 6th Floor, Zurich Suite
	33rd Street and 7th Avenue, New York City

  EFF will host a press briefing this Friday in conjunction with 2600
  Magazine's H2K Conference, held this year in New York. The briefing
  will provide the latest information on the case, and an in-depth look at
  the issues surrounding the first trial brought under the controversial

  Press briefing speakers include Robin Gross, staff attorney for the
  Electronic Frontier Foundation, Martin Garbus, lead litigator for EFF's
  defense team, and Emmanuel Goldstein, the defendant in the upcoming
  trial set for July 17 in New York.

  Robin Gross is an intellectual property attorney with the Electronic
  Frontier Foundation and is coordinating EFF's efforts to defend four
  law suits filed by the entertainment industry against Web site
  publishers for posting DeCSS.

  First Amendment lawyer Martin Garbus is lead litigator of EFF's NY
  defense team. Garbus is one of the country's leading trial attorneys
  and a founding partner of Frankfurt, Garbus Klein and Selz, P.C. Edward
  Hernstadt and David Atlas, also of Garbus' firm, are participating in
  EFF's defense efforts and at the press briefing.

  Emmanuel Goldstein is the editor-in chief of 2600 Magazine, and the
  defendant in the upcoming trial. He has been sued by the MPAA for
  posting DeCSS code on his Website.

  EFF is leading the defense in several legal attacks brought by the
  motion picture industry against website publishers who posted DeCSS
  software that enables people to watch their DVDs on their computers.

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