The following documents are the results of research conducted at the Berkman Center relating to the development of a peer-to-peer file sharing network for public domain content of particular use in developing nations.  For more details about the OKN project, see


Documents include:


Potential Liability Concerns for an Open Content Exchange Network, DOT ForceReport.March, 2002. Proposals to develop a P2P network to bring useful and freely available content to rural areas raises a number of liability issues.


Folklore in Africa, Memorandum prepared by Jonathan Blavin, HLS 03. January2003.  Reviews restrictions in several African nations on the use of folklore. 

Traditional Knowledge in Southeast Asia, Memorandum  prepared by J.J.Disini, HLS'04.  October 2003.  Surveys existing legislation and pending action.


For information about OKN research at the Berkman Center, please contact:


           Diane Cabell