Public Opinion toward Internet Freedom in Asia: A Survey of Internet Users from 11 Jurisdictions

The purpose of the study is to understand the public opinion toward issues related to Internet freedom in Asia. This report provides a basic overview of the opinions and behaviors on a number of topics related to Internet freedom, including but not limited to Internet censorship and the adoption and use of circumvention, anonymization, and encryption tools.

Authored by
  • Fei Shen
  • Lokman Tsui

4 May 2016

Amber, a Free Tool for Bloggers & Website Owners, Now Distributed on

The Berkman Center for Internet & Society at Harvard University is pleased to announce that Amber, an open-source software tool that preserves content and prevents broken links, has been promoted to full project status on When installed on a blog or website, Amber can take a snapshot of the content of every linked page, ensuring that even if those pages are interfered with or blocked, the original content will be available.

Radio Berkman 236: Star Wars vs Copyright

Fans of stratospherically profitable creative universes like Star Wars increasingly like to become creators within those universes. And sometimes they make money. How does law come into play when fans start to reinterpret intellectual property? We sat down with Menell to see where the tensions lie between the law, the courts, and the George Lucases of the world.