(Source:  FACE Intel webpage, http://www.facEINTEL.COM/septemberemail.htm)

Dear Intel Employee:

Beware of these key concurrent, contradictory, and questionable events in recent months at Intel and realize the sly strategy behind them and devious tactics implemented in fulfilling them:

  1. Redeployment
  2. Layoffs
  3. Targeting for terminating through R&R
  4. Hiring freeze
  5. Aggressive hiring from colleges
  6. Nationally and persistently claiming that Intel has a "severe shortage of skilled labor"
  1. For every redeployed employee there must be an open position in Intel; otherwise the redeployment will turn into and is meant to be a torturous termination.
  2. When there is a hiring freeze and Intel is hiring from colleges it means that older employees are being replaced with cheaper RCG's.
  3. If Intel is constantly telling to its employees that "employees are our greatest asset", but is constantly and shamelessly plotting against them, Intel is flatly lying to its employees.
  4. If Intel is laying off, obviously it means there is a surplus of employees.  But, if Intel is telling to media, American public and legislators that it has "sever shortage of skilled labor", Intel is flatly lying to masses of people and misleading our legislators to change the immigration law only to replace American employees with cheap foreign workers.
  5. We all know that Intel has software development labs in Ireland, Israel, and China and presently hiring in those countries.  We also know that beyond its needs, Intel also has manufacturing plants in foreign countries.  But Intel is threatening uninformed legislators and President Clinton that if they do not pass the H-1B visa bill, Intel will transfer all of its software development and engineering jobs to other countries.  This UN-American act is nothing but bullying, cheating and lying to legislators and the President of United States.  H-1B visa bill will allow Intel and like minded corporations to import 515,000 foreign workers by year 2002, which will render older American workers out of work, lower the wages, and undermine the American standard of living.
We have been informed that Intel is down sizing by more than 10,000 American employees in 1998 although the company is claiming that it will only be laying off 3,000 employees. This reduction in work force will be accomplished by the following means: This is the time that we have to stop Intel from cheating and victimizing the innocent employees.

We need to get united and take action and we have to show to the public the true face and intentions of Intel.

Action recommendations for you and what we will do:

  1.     You document your performance and verbal communications on paper/e-mail.
  2.     You keep a copy of your records/documents at home.
  3.     You keep a detailed diary of work events at home.
  4.     You establish and maintain a network with the other concerned employees inside Intel.
  5.     You inform us of employment related issues (redeployments, layoffs and etc.).
  6.     You do not be intimidated by bullies at work, stay calm and in control, just document.
  7.   You never trust Intel's HR representatives and or HR attorneys.
  8. .   We will keep the identity of our supporters and authors strictly confidential.
  9.     We will establish inside and outside Intel networks.
  10.     We will support and facilitate employee litigations and class action lawsuit(s) as appropriate.
  11.     We will publicize, inform, and educate the public via Internet and through media.
United people will never fall.  Support us (anonymously) so that we can support you.

If you are interested to be anonymously interviewed by media regarding the current issues at Intel, please send us your nickname, a telephone #, and the time you will be available.

If you would like your name off of our mailing list, please let us know.

Thanks for your SUPPORT!