Floating points: Feedback: Tale of two halves

Jonathan Wills

The Guardian (London), Thursday, November 20, 1997

When you can tell such a rattling good yarn it seems a pity to spoil it with some facts that you could have got had you bothered to call or e-mail me (Shetland showdown, November 13). No, I did not go out in my boat when the Shetland Times [vs Shetland News] Internet court case was called in Edinburgh, a week last Tuesday. It was not a good day for fishing, so I was at my desk here all the time.

Also, you write that 'by taking their squabble to court' the Shetland Times and I 'threatened the world with a legal precedent'. Actually, it was Robert Wishart, managing director of the Shetland Times, who went to law, not me. All I did was defend myself, with the help of the NUJ.

And what's this stuff about a 'rival' Web site? I may be eccentric but I'm not so daft as to donate circulation to a rival. The Shetland Times Online is the electronic edition of a weekly local newspaper, and not a bad one, either. Two years ago, the Shetland News became Britain's first local daily to publish solely on the Internet. We don't attempt to be a local weekly newspaper. Most of our 16,000 or so readers don't even live in the Shetland Islands. So these very different publications are complementary, not rivals.

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