Anonymity on the Internet- Protection of Free Speech or Shield for Abuse?

      There are many ways to communicate anonymously on the Internet, including anonymous remailers for e-mail, anonymous posting, and anonymous creation of Web pages.  Anonymity allows a person to express his or her views freely, without the fear of repercussions. Anonymity allows a person to be controversial, to take unpopular positions on volatile issues, to try to change society. The Internet allows an individual with no money potentially to reach a large audience and make a real impact. But this forum can also be abused. People can post someone else’s private information on a Web site anonymously. People can write untrue or damaging statements anonymously. Do you think anonymity on the Internet should be protected?  Please read the summaries and/or sites and answer a few questions about anonymity on the Internet.

Anonymity Cases

Anonymity Articles

Brad Pitt- An Example of  Invasion of Privacy

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