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(10/21/99 4:44:23 PM, in-room, #563)

How will the publishers control that the book on-line will not be downloaded or copied? Do you think that copyright law will have to be amended?

(10/21/99 4:46:55 PM, in-room, #564)

How would you pay for the books on-line? How will you protect customers when giving out their private information or their credit card numbers?

dominic sagolla
librarians & publishers (10/21/99 4:52:38 PM, in-room, #565)

as a librarian, Glenn, don't you see a tremendous opportunity to serve those that don't have access to technology or "private libraries" as public resources?

are you afraid of the competition from the evermore-present bookstore?

(10/21/99 4:55:25 PM, in-room, #566)

is the particular interest of some companies (microsof/publishers/etc.) more important than the benefit of the entire society to have access to information?
what about the constitutional principles underlying the recognition of CR: free distribution/access to ideas?

(10/21/99 4:56:57 PM, in-room, #567)

are the people stupid enough to need a publisher to filter literature for them?
they are not real art critiques, they are just following thier economic interests.

(10/21/99 5:08:58 PM, in-room, #568)

how to promote the progress of science and useful arts with such a rigid attempt (TS) to secure the exclusive rights of authors, publishers, etc?
Jefferson was right.

(10/21/99 5:11:09 PM, in-room, #569)

wouldn't the publishing industry be AGAINST on-line distribution of books? today, a large portion of the value they add involves the manufacture, marketing, and distribution of books. all of these functions would essentially be obviated by digital replication and distribution. in the end, setting aside the the filtering and editing functions, will publishers even survive the digital revolution?

(10/21/99 5:15:50 PM, in-room, #570)

are harvard's lecture copyrightable???

University's position on notes (10/21/99 5:19:02 PM, in-room, #571)

Isn't it really the case that the University's concern is protection of the fiction that there is substantially greater value of Harvard attendance relative to other schools, as opposed to the reality that people go to Harvard, or particularly HBS, to gain access to the alumni network.

Separately, it would seem that the student's notes are their own expression of an idea, separate and apart from the expression of the same idea given by the professor.

(10/21/99 5:42:14 PM, in-room, #572)

Barlow on copyright law in the early days:

Is there anything a man don't stand to lose
If the Devil wants to take it all away?
-Mexicali Blues

(10/21/99 5:45:07 PM, in-room, #573)

Barlow on copyright law in the early days:

Is there anything a man don't stand to lose
If the Devil wants to take it all away?
-Mexicali Blues

Personal use thoughts (10/21/99 6:01:47 PM, in-room, #574)

It would seem that part of our desire to not punish Jane for only using the information herself is that in order to detect her breach of the system would require a monitoring system that would raise the ire of the privacy-wonks.

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