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Internet and Society 1999
The Technologies and Politics of Control
Readings for Week 2
ICANN and the war over domain names


National Journal, ICANN't Believe What They're Doing, June 15, 1999

Mike France, What's in a Name? Business Week On-line, September 6, 1999

Courtney Macavinta, NSI-ICANN fight threatens Net growth, CNET News.com, June 15, 1999

Dan Goodin, Playing domain name hide-and-seek, CNET News.com, June 30, 1999

The Tao of IETF -- A Guide for New Attendees of the Internet Engineering Task Force (Humble Beginnings)

ICANN and the White Paper:

Original letter from Ralph Nader and James Love to Esther Dyson, June 11, 1999 (with link to Dysonhttp://www.icann.org/chairman-response.htm">Response letter from Esther Dyson, June 15, 1999

ICANN Status Report to Department of Commerce

Response letter from Esther Dyson, June 15, 1999

*United States Department of Commerce, White Paper: Management of Internet Names and Numbers

*For Reference


WIPO Executive Summary, Final Report WIPO Internet Domain Name Process

John Gilmore, [Comment-Ip] WIPO Report is 100% backwards and should be rejected entirely, 14 May 1999

Press Release about Anti-Cybersquating Legislation Republican senator Spencer Abraham

The Domain Name System & Trademarks:

Diane Cabell, Learning Law in Cyberspace, August 1999

Optional Reading:

Amendment 11 to the Cooperative Agreement between NSI and the U.S. Government

ICANN: Board resolutions to WIPO

Memorandum: Registrar Competition - Testbed and Accreditation Update #2, Andrew McLaughlin, ICANN, 14 June, 1999

ICANN: Testbed Registrar Announcement: Questions and Answers, Posted April 21, 1999

A Commentary on WIPO's The Management of Internet Names and Addresses: Intellectual Property Issues, Professor A. Michael Froomkin, (May 19, 1999)

Washington Speakers Bureau, Inc., v. Leading Authorities, Inc, 33 F. Supp. 2d 488 (E.D. Va. 1999)

The Princeton Review Company relinquished the domain name "kaplan.com" to Kaplan Education Center (their main competitor); [this did not go to court]

Sprint relinquished "mci.com" to MCI Communications; [this did not go to court]

Mattel vs. Barbie websites and domain names

Amazon v. NYT (interesting re IP in compilations, conflicts based on new business models, etc.)

Domain Name: Amnesty v. Amnesty-Tunisia (site grabbed), which includes refutations of the site at http://www.amnesty-tunisia.org

Umbro International v. 3263851 Canada Inc., Va. Cir.Ct., Fairfax Cty., filed 2/3/99

Epix Inc. v. Interstellar Starship Services Ltd., Nos. 98-35142 and 98-35424 (9th Cir., appellant's brief filed Sept. 8, 1998; appellee's brief filed Jan. 12, 1999).

Worldsport Networks Limited v. Artinternet S.A., et al., No. 99-CV-616, E.D. Pa.).

Jeri Clausing, Private Takeover of Internet Administration to Begin, NY Times, Nov. 25, 1998

Jeri Clausing, Proposal on Internet Names Favors Corporate Interests, February 19, 1999, NY Times

Jeri Clausing, Obstacle Remains on Internet Addresses, NY Times, April 10, 1999

Brian Carpenter, rfc1958: Architectural Principles of the Internet

International Ad Hoc Committee, Final Report of the International Ad Hoc Committee: Recommendations for Administration and Management of gTLDs, February 4, 1997,

Information Infrastructure Task Force, A Framework for Global Electronic Commerce (1997) ("Background" and "Principles" only)

Lee Pender, Rivals air plans for subduing NSI, 06/14/99, PC Week

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