Webcast Information

The quicktime player will be required to view the webcast. If quicktime is configured as your main media viewer, you will probably be able to simply click here.

Otherwise, open Quicktime and from the File menu select "Open URL in new Player". Now paste in this URL: rtsp://h2odev.law.harvard.edu:554/is2k4.sdp

If your broadcast is working and then stops, try restarting it with the play button. If this does not work, close the current Quicktime window and open the webcast again.

If you experience poor or slow connectivity using Quicktime, be sure to check your Connection Speed in your Quicktime Preferences. Make sure it matches your type of connection to the Internet.

If your connection remains very slow using either Windows Media or Quicktime, you may need to temporarily shut down any personal firewall software such as Zone Alarm or Black Ice.

Use the following link to update Quicktime.

Download Quicktime 6 Player