Thursday, December 9 | Friday, December 10 | Saturday, December 11

On Saturday, there will be no “speakers”; just a discussion leader and selected invited discussants. An open, participatory format will be encouraged throughout.

All rooms are located at Harvard Law School.

Simple boxed lunches will be provided; during the lunch time allotted, two interactive sessions will take place if you wish to join in.


Track leaders:

Global Voices: International Blogging Track: Ethan Zuckerman, Rebecca MacKinnon, and Janet Haven and sponsored by the Open Society Institute of the Soros Foundation





9 – 10:30am

11am – 12:30pm


2 – 3:30pm

4 – 5:30pm


Pound 100



Open Source Unionism and Elections: From the Webbs
to the Web

Prof. Richard Freeman, Economics Department, FAS; Mr. Robert Fox, Deputy Director, Working

Bits, Bytes, Ballots and Bodies: Why Parties Still

Dr. Elaine Bernard, Executive Director, Labor and Worklife Program;
Mr. Dan Cantor, Executive Director, Working Families Party


Internet Enabled Change in Worklife Development


Antonio Oftelie, Kennedy School of Government and Professor Jerry Mechling, Kennedy School of Government

What is the Internet doing to political journalism and its public?


Jay Rosen, NYU

Global Voices:

International Blogging Track
Pound 101


The Global Conversation: Blogs as Bridges


Ethan Zuckerman and Rebecca MacKinnon

How to Build a Blogosphere




Hoder, et al.


Tools - software
and hardware, what's out there, what's needed?


Ethan Zuckerman
et al.

Manifesto for a Better Global Conversation





Joi Ito et al.

Pound 102



John Palfrey

Mistakes Techno Utopians Make: Fantasy Politics and the Disappearing Social

Andrew Orlowski in conversation with William Davies and Ted Byfield

Blogging and Local Politics



Dave Winer in conversation with Mary Hodder and Nicco Mele

Building an Online Campaign: A Case Study on After-School Education


John Palfrey, Tom Subak (e-Organization) and James Moore

The Politics of Information Technology Policies in Higher Education: Inside and Outside the Academy


Tracy Mitrano et al.

Is P2P Political?


Nick Reville, and Meg Smith, Berkman Center for Internet & Society

Pound 107


Updating the Rules for Radicals


Brian Reich,

Mindshare Interactive in conversation with James Crabtree

CAIRNS Project


Prof. Beth Simone Noveck, New York Law School,  Prof. Tom Igoe, NYU, Dr. Alan Kantrow, Monitor






Tony Kahn of WGBH Radio

Now What?

David Weinberger, et al. 


Screen Work: Inventions We Need

Prof. Susan Crawford and Prof. David Johnson