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Browse the following list of stories about the effect of the Internet in politics, both from the 2004 election and from an international perspective.

Korean Netizens Change Journalism and Politics, OhmyNews, (12/11/04).

Kerry net chief: cool software doesn't win elections, The Register (UK), (12/10/04).

Net communities may be key to future of politics, CNET, (12/10/04).

In net politics, it's God vs Dog, The Register (UK), (12/10/04).

What mistakes do Techno Utopians make?, The Register (UK), (12/10/04).

Panelists Discuss Technology's Impact On Political Scene, Technology Daily, (12/10/04).

The eBay Way, Business Week, (11/29/04).

Pushing the ‘new’ Fifth Estate, The Star (Malaysia), (11/22/04).

Youth Voting in the 2004 Election, The Center for Information & Research on Civic Learning & Engagement, (11/8/04).

How organized religion, not net religion, won it for Bush, The Register (11/5/04).

Election 2004: Lessons for the Future (I), Personal Technology Forum, (11/4/04).

'I Won't Step Into "Red States" Again!', OhmyNews South Korea, (11/4/04).

Harvard Flocks to Electoral Vote Site, The Harvard Crimson, (11/1/04).

The Internet and Democratic Debate, Pew Internet Reports, (10/27/04).

Campaigns becoming more Web savvy, Fort Worth Star-Telegram, (10/10/04).

Electronic voting and copyright?, CNet, (10/5/04).

Net & Politics 2004 (Top 10), Politics Online, (9/30/04).

Politics as Usual?, Wired Magazine, (9/04).

JibJabbing for Artists' Rights, Wired Online, (8/5/04).

A new brand of journalism is taking root in South Korea,, (5/18/03).

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