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  • Blogging and citizen media sites - global voices,, digg or slashdot, or a hyperlocal news organization
  • Facebook groups
  • Flickr groups
  • Bulletin boards, usenet groups, or 4chan
  • Education and tech organization – OLPC or Sugarlabs
  • E-government and public engagement; eg, fcc, open gov
  • A government transparency organization
  • An online political movement -, online versions of the tea party
  • A gaming site, eg WoW
  • A community exchange site such
  • A music sharing site
  • A review and recommendation site such as
  • Open knowledge consortium
  • Conservapedia -- now that we've spent so much time on Wikipedia -- lots of nice normative/governance questions here
  • The digital chicken problem on Second Life -- lots of trolls/vandals/identity questions

  • ChatRoulette, whose founder just went live -- questions around anonymity/forced anonymity/site organization