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  • Fair Labor Act: Can someone be fairly paid to perform a small task online? The price for each task would probably be very high, since you only perform a very small number of it.
  • Contractual Relationship: If a business pays a worker to perform small tasks in P2P network, is there a contractual relationship? Are workers binded by ethical, confidentiality and copyright rule? "through certain web sites, the Internet can also supplement or even replace in-person employment relationships" (Ben Edelman, Earnings and ratings at Google Answers").
  • Income Tax, regulations
  • International workers, regulations: International money flows have certain restrictions, to prevent money laundering and illegal activities.
  • Transaction costs: if businesses pay for each task performed, transaction costs would make the force of the collaborative network nil, since its force relies in the ability to take advantage of disappearing transaction costs, including the cost of the worker.
  • "Tragedy" or "Depletion" of mass collaboration: if we try to leverage the social and economic dynamics of non-market mass colalboration for business goals, the vere same system could become not operational. In the moment that social capital gets suplanted by mnonetary rewards, the underlying assumptions of the system get disrupted.