Final Project

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The final project is a 8-10 page research paper, built around taking the theoretical concepts brought forwards in the course, generating a hypothesis around that idea, and then examining a real-world scenario online in the light of that to answer a question. In lieu of submitting a paper, you may present your finding using a different medium, such as a podcast, video, or web page.

The final project should be integrative--bringing together materials and issues from class and expanding upon them. Ideally, students will identify the topic for Assignment 2 and leverage their time working on the other assignments towards the final project. It will be detrimental to change "mid-stream," due to the limited time of the course.

The possible final project topics and questions can be found here: Project Ideas. We are open to ideas and questions that lie outside of this set, though you should express this interest and a potential topic as early as possible.