Assignment 4 Submissions

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The deadline for this assignment has been extended to April 30th before class. Grading for this assignment is on a 5-point scale; late assignments will be docked 1 point for each day they are late (assignments submitted 4 days late or later will have a maximum grade of 1 point).

Please name your file "wikiusername_Assignment4," where "wikiusername" is replaced with your username, to avoid overwriting someone else's assignment or causing errors in the Wiki by including forbidden characters. So if your username is "jdoe" and your file is a Word document your file should be named "jdoe_Assignment4.doc."

Upload your rough draft here: Upload file

If you'd like peer feedback on an updated version of your rough draft, you can submit it here: Assignment 4 Peer Review

Please make sure the name of your file includes your name or pseudonym (example: Name_Assignment4.doc) to avoid overwriting someone else's assignment. Please follow the format below:

  • Name or pseudonym:
  • Project title:
  • Link to rough draft: (add your link here)

If you have trouble finding the file you uploaded, check the list of uploaded files.


Saridder 20:25, 21 April 2013 (EDT)