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Due April 17

You may work in groups, provided you have submitted a short paragraph to the instructors by March 9 explaining why a group approach to your proposed topic for the final project makes sense.

This assignment will be to turn in a rough draft of your final, 8-10 page final project paper. It will be a chance for us to give you some comments, and suggest some places to push your research project forward in the next few weeks.

Submit your rough draft here: Assignment 4 Submissions

If you'd like peer feedback on an updated version of your rough draft, you can submit it here: Assignment 4 Peer Review


Your paper should be 8-10 pages long, double spaced, and use a serif font (Times New Roman, Cambria, etc.). Please upload your paper as a .doc, a .odt, or a .pdf.

You may use any commonly accepted style to cite your sources (Chicago, MLA, etc.), but please be consistent.

Assignment Four Submissions

Post your submissions here: Assignment 4 Submissions