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== Assignment Three Submissions ==
== Assignment Three Submissions ==
*''Please link to your submission here''

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Bonus Credit

This bonus credit consists of an audiovisual work of your creation, and should be based on your prospectus. The work could be an audio file (such as a podcast or song), a video (such as a remix or animation), or a compelling image (such as a mindmap or photo montage). If an audio or video work, you should aim for a length of 3-5 minutes (there is 7 minute maximum). Content and presentation are much more important than length (a compelling 2-minute audio interview would be great).

Possible ideas include:

  • An audio podcast or video interview with someone doing influential work related to your project
  • A video medley and/or remix
  • A podcast show where participants debate the topic
  • A mindmap image that charts out a policy debate or domain
  • A photo montage
  • A short film
  • A song or musical work drawing from various samples such as those on Freesound
  • A song with lyrics
  • A visualization, perhaps using Many Eyes


If you have the ability to post your work online, you should link to it below along with your explantory paragraph.

Examples of online services you may use to post your work include:




Tools and Tutorials

Examples of Finished Products

(some of these are more highly produced or effort-intensive than your projects need be, but they should give you a sense for what finished pieces look like)

Assignment Three Submissions