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Andre Marquis, "Open Government Data and Mapping Political Influence,"
- Prospectus title and name
Indira Lindsay Roberts    Prospectus Title:  "eBay.com:  International Internet Shopping Wars"
Paul Amante Prospectus Title: "eBay.com: A Self Policing Community and Conflict Resolution"
Liz Davis Prospectus Title: "Examining Classroom 2.0: an Online Social Network for Educators"
Rohit Chopra|Prospectus Title|Social Hospital: The Possibility of Expanding Live Web-Based Video Streaming into Hosptial Setting.
Heather Hagni Prospectus Title: "Case Study: Pepsi’s Unique Internet-Based Marketing Approach"
Nick Siemaska, Prospectus Title: "Chatroulette: A New Frontier in Online Anonymity"
Scott McCutcheon Prospectus Title: "Transforming individual knowing into an institutional knowledge base of shared experiences: leveraging the affordances of a closed Facebook group to develop a community of collaborative learning and decision-making."
Mike Barker Prospectus Title: "Social Engagement: The Santa Cruz City Budget"
Erin Golden Prospectus Title: "LiveJournal.com Communities: Promotion and Suppression of Open Literary Discussion"
Kate Aurigemma, Prospectus Title: "The Online Communities of Militant Islamists and Anti-Jihad Resistance: Polarizing Forces or Ideological Cocoons?"
Guillermo Hamlin, Prospectus Title: "The Online Church: Can The Internet Attract Church Users?"
David Jodoin, Prospectus Title: "Avatars and Identity": The rising conflict between corporate America and online individuality.
Brian Lewis, Prospectus Title: "Short Changed/Get off My Lawn: Disruptive Innovation and Effects on User Experience of Older Internet Users"
B. Layne Njamfa, Prospectus Title: "Government Transparency Organizations: How this Movement will Increase Confidence in the General Public"
Ryan Huling, Prospectus Title: "Cruelty on Camera: The Use of Streaming Video in the Animal Rights Movement"
Alexander Koutzoukis, Prospectus Title: "Music Sharing in the BitTorrent Community: Pre- and Post-OiNK and the Hydra Effect"
[[User:Gkorodi|Gábor Koródi]], "'''Hyperlocal''': The impact of the internet on the neighborhood, the ultimate social network"
Vigdís Gudjohnsen, Prospectus title :InDefence – a tool for the political opposition ?
Maria Paparrigopoulou, Prospectus Title: "UNICEF  - UNICEF’s Voices of Youth: Can Internet be the means to a better world? Can it influence decision makers and lead to practical solutions?"
Ken Brady "Anti-Social Communities: The Organization of Crime in a World Without Violence"
Matthew Gladney "Operating within the Long Tail"
[[User:Sandusky|Timothy Sandusky]]<br>
'''''The Reality of the Metaverse:'''<br>
Second Life's Validity (or Lack Thereof) Within/Without Traditional Society and Conscious Reality''<br><br>
Ankur Sharma : "Constantly evolving internet and it’s impact on human society through dual human behavior (offline & online)"
JoAnn Cusack:  Yelp - case study with consignment store reviews.

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- Prospectus title and name