Assignment 2

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You should write a short post, of 1000 words maximum, about a topic of your choice relating to one of the six course themes. The essay need not be about a topic we have already discussed in class, it merely must relate to one or more of the themes in a broad sense. An ideal essay would involve analysis and argument, and would cite sources or references within the essay. Feel free to do the links--that is, linking to references within the essay itself.

You should create a new page for your post. You can do this by going to, where Post Name is your title or an abbreviation of it. Then click the edit tab to add your text to the page. You should then post a link to your post on this page with the title and/or a short description.

The Elevator Pitch

Your name (Example)

  • Remix Culture and the Fleeting Sustainability of Copyright
    • In this essay, I examine the effect that remix culture has had on copyright law doctrine, and I make the argument that the current and growing practices surrounding derivative works has rendered current legal doctrine decreasingly relevant or sustainable.