O. Controlling the Internet Week 1 Tues., Sept. 5 The Story of ICANN First class
I. Content Control for Money Week 2 Mon., Sept. 11 Framework. Introduction to Copyright on the Net.  
    Tues., Sept. 12 Digital Music  
  Week 3 Mon., Sept. 18 Beyond Copyright: Expanding the Content Control Toolbox  
    Tues., Sept. 19 iCraveTV. Jurisdiction. ICANN UDRP. Cybersquatting  
II. Code as Content: Control the Code, Control the Content Week 4 Mon., Sept. 25 Free Software vs. Proprietary Code. Reverse Engineering  
    Tues., Sept. 26 Trusted Systems  
**Final paper abstracts due** Week 5 Mon., Oct. 2 Moot Court Session Valenti v. Lessig
    Tues., Oct. 3 How Encryption Works  
  Week 6 Mon., Oct. 9 Encryption and Government Surveillance Guest Panel
    Tues., Oct. 10 Defamation, Libel, and Other Harmful Speech. ISP Liability  
  Week 7 Mon., Oct.16 Jane and John Doe: Freedom Fighters or Verbal Terrorists? Guest Panel
    Tues., Oct. 17 Corporate Surveillance  
III. The Markets for Control Week 8 Mon., Oct. 23 Weblining. Price Discrimination Guest Panel
    Tues., Oct. 24 Content Control for Ideology: PICS and CDA  
  Week 9 Mon., Oct. 30 Fly-out week No class
    Tues., Oct. 31 Fly-out week No class
  Week 10 Mon., Nov. 6 E-commerce and Venture Capital Guest Panel
    Tues., Nov. 7 The Microsoft Case  
IV. Between the Public and the Private Week 11 Mon., Nov. 13 ICANN Revisited
Optional: watch the ICANN meeting webcast
No Class
    Tues., Nov. 14 Agency and Transparency  
  Week 12 Mon., Nov. 20 The Real-time Black Hole List Paul Vixie
    Tues., Nov. 21 The End of End-to-End? (Marsh and Hamidi)  
V. Reflections: Tying It All Together Week 13 Mon., Nov. 27 Case Study: Comparative International Cyberlaw *Papers due*
    Tues., Nov. 28 Digital Content Revisited  
  Week 14 Mon., Dec. 4 Case Study: Speech Revisited Guest Panel
    Mon., Dec. 5 Wrap-up Last class