The Rotisserie is over for the semester! Thank you for playing.

If you wish to review your answers from the semester or count up your number of skips, you may view your answers in the rotisserie archive by logging into the courseware and clicking on the archive link.

To log into the courseware to answer the rotisserie questions for this week click here.

The schedule for rotisserie questions and answers will be as follows:

On Tuesday after class you will be notified that the rotisserie questions for the week are available. In general, there will be two questions: one addressing issues discussed in the previous two classes and one designed to help you prepare for the upcoming week's discussions.

On Sunday at 5:00 p.m. answers to those questions are due. Answers submitted late will not be counted and will not be entered into the rotisserie. Each student may skip three rotisserie questions over the course of the semester without any penalty.

As soon as the Bot receives the rotisserie answers it will shuffle those answers and send them out to other students for reply. Though the Bot will begin its crank at 5:00, you may not receive the answer of another student right away. If you do not receive an answer within two hours of the deadline, send us a note at (It is likely that each week only one of the questions will be sent out for a "reverberation").

Responses to the student answer you receive are due on Tuesday at Noon.