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RB 199: Be Great. Go Viral. (Rethinking Music IX)

Dave Herlihy currently teaches music industry classes at Northeastern University and operates his own practice specializing in entertainment law, intellectual property, copyright, trademark, licensing, and new media. But twenty-five years ago he was the lead singer of O Positive, a Boston-area band poised on the brink of a major label record deal. Friend of the show, Assistant Director of Harvard Law School's Cyberlaw Clinic, and lecturer at Harvard Law School Chris Bavitz interviewed Dave about his band’s trajectory from being the “best band in the basement” to appearing on the Billboard charts (and what came after). Dave also offers his insight into the role of record labels in the YouTube era, and how he would resolve media licensing issues if he were an enlightened despot, and how to get famous.


17 Apr 2012

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