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Radio Berkman: Can You Keep A Secret?

The government keeps secrets. We take that for granted. But should we? Some speculate that intelligence agencies and elected officials are a little bit trigger happy with the "Top Secret" stamp, and that society would benefit from greater openness. With the government classifying millions of pages of documents per year - in a recent year the U.S. classified about five times the number of pages added to the Library of Congress - a great deal of useful human knowledge gets put under lock and key. But some argue that secrecy is still crucial to our national security. Radio Berkman pokes its head into a recent talkback with the directors of the film Secrecy, Harvard University professors Peter Galison and Robb Moss. They are joined by Harvard Law School professors Jonathan Zittrain, Martha Minow, and Jack Goldsmith. CC-licensed music this week: General Fuzz: "Cream" and "Walking Home"


24 Feb 2009

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