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Radio Berkman: Visions of Media's Future Danced in Their Heads...

Dickens would be proud. Well, maybe not so much. In this, our last episode of the year, Radio Berkman visits with the ghosts of Media's Past, Present, and Future. We hear from Berkman fellow Persephone Miel, lead author on the Media Re:Public paper series which examines the impact of participatory journalism on the information environment. Patricia Aufderheide, Director of the Center for Social Media at American University discusses the release of the Code of Best Practices in Fair Use for Online Video which made a huge splash this year. And Jessica Clark, Director of the Future of Public Media Project and editor-at-large of In These Times discusses what the future might hold for public broadcasting, and offers her top five predictions for digital media in 2009.


23 Dec 2008

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