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Work Here: Heather Whitney on Having a Voice in the Modern Workplace and Changing the World

Companies like Google and Twitter and Facebook are thought to provide some of the most envied work environments on the planet. But should employees be worried that their trust in their employer, so purposefully cultivated, has been built on promises that are more illusion than enforceable promise?

Some in the labor movement think these employers create nothing more than a mirage, that like the now-prohibited company unions of the past, these employers work to ensure workers feel a sense of ownership and voice but, when push comes to shove, have nothing the company cannot just as easily take away. Others, including many who work at these companies, disagree. In this talk, Heather Whitney -- Berkman fellow, Harvard J.D. candidate, and former Google Global Ethics and Compliance team employee -- outlines the debate and tries to make headway towards some answers.


15 Apr 2013

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