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Dalida Maria Benfield on Decolonial Media Aesthetics and Women’s ICT4D Video

ICT4D (Information Communication Technology for Development) powerfully frames women’s grassroots video production in the Global South, much of which is distributed widely through YouTube. Often, these videos reproduce racialized and gendered discourses - legacies of colonialism - in their narratives of economic, social, and technological progress. However, there are also videos by women’s groups that defy both the historical linearity and spatial fragmentation of the ICT4D framework, and instead remix, reclassify, and globally reconnect women’s experiences in the contemporary moment. In this talk Dalida María Benfield — artist, activist, and Berkman Center fellow — discusses how ICT4D videos make compelling claims for other historical narratives and visions for women’s future lives, identities, and uses of information communication technologies.


16 Apr 2012

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