The Berkman Center for Internet & Society
at Harvard Law School
July 1 - 5, 2002

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I. Online Instruction (June)

How often did you participate?

Frequently               Often                   Sometimes                     Rarely

How would you rate the content of the materials?

Excellent             Good             Moderate            Poor            Weak

How would you rate the quality of the online moderator?

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How would you rate the quality of the discussion?

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II. Harvard Law School Program

Please rate the quality of the individual presentations, according to the scale below:

(1) Excellent      (2) Good      (3) Moderate       (4) Weak       (5) Poor

Monday, July 1

Introduction: Law, Code, Market and Social Norms (Lessig)                 _________

The Story of ICANN (Zittrain)                                                              _________

Domain Names (Fisher)                                                                         _________

Governance of the Internet (Nesson)                                                      _________

Please rate the quality of the individual presentations, according to the scale below:

(1) Excellent      (2) Good      (3) Moderate      (4) Weak      (5) Poor

Tuesday, July 2

Legal Regulation of Digital Expression: Modern Legal History (Fisher)   _________

Recent Litigation: Reimerdes and Eldred (Cohen and Lessig)                 _________

What Now? The SSSCA, Compulsory Licenses, Taxation Schemes     _________
(Benkler, Fisher and Zittrain)

The Future of the Internet (Nesson)                                                      _________

Wednesday, July 3

Free Software and Commons-Based Peer Production (Benkler)           _________

Debate on the Merits of Open Source, Shared Source and Proprietary
Systems (Lessig, Matusow)                                                                  _________

Speech (Lessig)                                                                                   _________

Pornography (Zittrain & Nesson)                                                         _________

Thursday, July 4

The Technology of the Internet (Johari)                                                _________

Access to the Internet (Benkler, Lessig)                                               _________

Business-Method Patents and Metatags, Links, Robots (Fisher)           _________

The Internet and Developing Countries (Guerrero, McLaughlin)            _________

Friday, July 5

Privacy (Kang)                                                                                    _________

Jurisdiction and Zoning (Zittrain)                                                           _________

Cybercrime (Nesson, Ramasastry)                                                       _________


III. Please rate the usefulness of each component in helping you gain value from this experience, according to the scale below:

(1) Extremely Useful    (2) Very Useful    (3) Useful    (4) Somewhat Useful    (5) Not Useful

Online Modules                                                                                    _________

Lectures                                                                                               _________

Breaks and Mealtimes                                                                          _________

Social Events                                                                                        _________

Staff Services                                                                                       _________

Overall Rating of Program                                                                    _________

IV. General Questions

What do you believe was the most outstanding feature of this program?

What needs to be improved?

Do you think that the lectures were well suited to your educational background?

Overall, did this program meet your expectations?

Do you plan to participate in post-event discussions online?

Would you be inclined to recommend this program to a friend or colleague?

What affiliate organizations or periodicals do you think should be informed of future Internet Law Programs?