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To be done before class.
To be done before class.
* [[Image:FutureoftheInternetch6.pdf]] "The Lessons of Wikipedia," from Ch. 6 of "The Future of the Internet - And How to Stop It" by Jonathan Zittrain
* [[Image:Republic 2.0 ch. 4.pdf]] "Social Glue and Spreading Information," from Ch. 4, of "Republic 2.0" by Cass Sunstein
* [http://www.henryjenkins.org/2007/10/what_is_civic_media_1.html What is Civic Media?] by Henry Jenkins
* [http://www.henryjenkins.org/2008/09/youth_new_media_literacies_and.html Youth, New Media Literacies, and Civic Engagement] by Henry Jenkins

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  • Monday, Nov. 24, 2008
  • 12-1pm
  • Hauser Hall 101
  • lunch available from 11:45 am onward


To be done before class.