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tech facilitated deliberation

dialogue around a subject

   as small as the class
   or as large as whatever


   especially good for ?

nobody can speak twice until everybody has spoken once

   simple rules
       robert's rule of order--parliamentary

wiki in the mix!

   "which could be good or not"-jz


   what we ask people to do before
       like the question tool or other stuff

peter's role is helping after the sessions

   "our greatest opportunity to contribute is after the fact"
    but stuff could be relevant during too

Mel got a wiki page going!

   sources about different practices (could go on the wiki?)
   there prob. arent readable/exciting scholarly resources. boo :(

at most 3 sessions (and maybe two) between now and dec.

how to structure those two sessions?


ALSO substantitive reading:

   case studies about how people (one from bc) revamping the voting system
       applied things like this
       this is a book
       we need that book digitized (@505 grizwold/berkman?!)

deliberation day--colorado

   more polarized after the conversation!

wikipedia chapter from the future of the internet jz talks about

   practice next to technology

"you dont' just throw a wiki in the middle of things and expect things to get good"jz

looking for deliberation--

   wikipedia lit
   applications without using the word deliberation

wellcome platform

   engaged issues (bigthink is in touch with them)

offer the welcome platform something to talk about with our students

they're nervous that welcome will flop?

gergory bernarda

Dharmishta--going to talk to C4FCM

Mel--design research lab

   engineers and design groups

they would design technologies and try them out would analyze them in sociological ways

wikipedia chapter stuff from cass about group deliberation case study from british columbia ??

(add hj post about what is civic media to the wiki)

next meeting could (should) be demo day


we could show a slashdot moderated conversation and view different levels show wikipedia from the inside demo the question tool

google just came out with an app that does this cyber.law.harvard.edu/questions

twitter use in conferences

also add delicious!

heat map for gpl 3

campaign we're calling what's your plan role call magazine plans of action that are going to be presented in role call magazine letting users submit their own plans

prototype launched in three weeks


demo an annotation engine

 www.reframeit.com ?

lets you annotate web pages in the margins essentially put post its

have a group seize upon that tool--then later in week 5 use it to annotate something

range of tools--to get these people thinking

20 people in the seminar

break them up into groups

Additional annotation platforms: Diigo, Fleck, Stickis, ShiftSpace, TrailFire, Disqus, FriendFeed (has an annotation component)


Google books deal

 Guests: Harvard lawyers who hate it; Alex MacG who negotiated for GOOG; Jeffrey Cunard from Debevoise; maybe Brewster Kahle (Internet Archive)

Corruption and Change Congress

 Guest: Lessig

Cultures of cooperation

 Guests: Jimbo, joint w/Yochai class

has mark sageman done things since 2004?

   this would make him a good candidate

Diana mutz interesting work on activism

Henry Ferrell

google wiki


user generated news korea political organization (fundraising/obama campaign or facebook)

   chris hughes consulst for obama about facebook

people from causes on facebook (get this into demo day) chris kelly or zuckerman

is this interesting from an advocacy and activism standpoint

   the uses of facebook

something anonyminty wise?

 - Aaron Swartz presents proposal for Berkman to host Tor node

problem solving!

students do a big think session onone of the questions of the week

   produce content around each (week?)

dharmishta idea: in every class, do a (collaborative?) activity on the topic of the week, rather than have a presentation about how other people are doing these things...

jz idea no paper

   but do a thing on the website/project

international internet governence

olpc! (week)

open source software coleman schoben omahoni? siobhan o'mahoney reading: Karl fogel how open source software projects run

eric raymond politics and problems

mobile technologies huge in the developing world

   (dharmishta thoughts: one of the most hopeful but also one of the most closed platforms! aaah!) (mel: on this note, it would be neat to see how projects like android and openmoko are trying to turn their phone platforms into generative ones... how do you start a development/user community from scratch?)

two possibilities: 1. 2. carrier problem google, fcc

citizen journalism week editor of the globe come in craig from craigslist josh marshall

jeff jarvis did a site about news innovation newsinnovation.com

Populous project

open planning project social collaborative platform

   they want to change transportation politics in new york city
   one for streets and one for schools (evantually)

bloggers and filmmakers

collaborative textbooks http://www.ck12.org/aboutus.html combined with the open access initialte john palfrey sandeep chiramandi (sp?)

Science Collaboration http://www.reuters.com/article/pressRelease/idUS134542+18-Sep-2008+MW20080918


google chat translator bots translate cyberlaw class in india!

ed markey

files taken down on youtube possible censorship (youtomb?) http://youtomb.mit.edu/

accessibility who has internet and who doesnt

and also the accessibility we all thought of: http://dotsub.com/

google--text of closed captioned tv shows

copyright (could this be the one to talk about copyright?)

how does copyright apply to anything we've mentioned? google books!

organizations that form online trying to do things in real life how do we do this?! (legally and otherwise) just for fun: mp3experiment.com

web science research initiative sir tim berners lee pannels about web science (we have funding for this!) web science "what web science is" where ethics belongs in technology is technology neutral? tim wendy hall danny whitezner (sp?) "this should be like what do you see yourselves doing?"

a week on voting machines! (?) alternative voting systems (asign cass' paper for that week...)

go team collaboration!

go team process...

jz picks who is in the course

dan first session--settle on reading

   2-3 good articles that are directly relevant to what we're talking about
       only stuff that really matters! (excerpts are wonderful things...)
   make twitter #thing for the @class

mel demo day

   ppl will have laptops with them
   videoconference in peter and elizabeth
   present and videochat dim dim--free for under 20 users
   also look into google search 'wiki'

peter- figure out videochatting Dim Dim platform that allows for presentations to be viewerd

mindjet mindmanager collaborative! (everybody gets a [mindjet]!)

elizabeth-- ask the berkman ctr to make a wiki

dharmishta-- talk to C4FCM and Henry Jenkins

invitations--who will do this and when?

isites or not survey monkey

make a doodle calendar or when is good.com

no later than tuesday the 18 or 19 or 20th of November

everyone: make a good title for the class

teh collaboration! icanhascollaboratez?

deadline for doing things: the end of this week meaning fri nov. 7

5:15 on Monday November 10

Dan's notes:

Grab the best books
	Cass' paper
	Wikipedia from JZ's book
	Malcolm's conference paper?
	Davos  "Wellcome" Melanie Rogers and Gregory Bernarde
	MIT Ctr for Civic Media  Henry Jenkins
	Design Research Lab  mostly targeted on collab fabrication
	Change Congress

People to look up for assg'd reading
Henry Farrell  "good new paper" on blogs
Diana Mutz  work on activism
Mark Sageman  has he done something on internet terrorism since 2004?

Some sense of the subject-matter, even more so a sense of the process
	Scheduling some fall meetings to charter subgroups, each of which is responsible for a week of the class itself (in the spring)

The idea  everybody will design a delib. procedure for a group as small as the class, as big as unbounded

Practices  in class
Technologies  the same as a practice, but using tech
Timing  what happens between class?
	Big Think  after the fact, but there might be some things in 

Open the wiki page to the class after a first meeting

2-3 sessions during Fall Semester

Meeting 1: Assign some bg readings, talk about what deliberation is
Meeting 2: "Demo Day" e.g. Slashdot, Wikipedia, Question Tool (Berkman), Del.icio.us, Twitter, other conference stuff, BT's "What's Your Plan?" (with Roll Call mag), ORG's Consult, Google SearchWiki, Facebook Causes (FB activism generally), Knol, Ask Metafilter, MindJet


Lessig - on Change Congress
Jimbo, Benkler,  "Cultures of Cooperation"
Diana Mutz - 
Chris Hughes (FB -> Obama) (Maybe Zuckerberg?)
Negroponte  OLPC
FOSS  random benevolent dictator (Eric Raymond - OSI)? Biela Coleman, Siobahn O'Mahoney, Carl Vogel, 
Mobile Technologies  Zuckerman? access via phones (development), or carrier problem (Google spectrum)
Citizen Journalism  Josh Marshall (TPM), Craig from Craigslist, Dharmishta's college nwsp project, Open Planning Project (Mark Gordon  Lang Group)
Collab textbooks with Harvard's open access program - Palfrey, Stor Schieber, Sandeep Chiramandi
Peer to Patent
Systran  Google Translation bots (Bangalore cyberlaw class)
Network Neutrality  Rep. Ed Markey, Kim Wu
DMCA takedowns  McCain's Youtube takedowns  must be down for 10 days

Idea: do a collaborative activity for each class, for BT's question of the week

TBL - Web science grants
	Mako Hill? TBL himself? Wendy Hall? Danny Witzener from W3C?