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The Berkman Center offers this site to facilitate debate around issues of consensus and dis-sensus, concerning the ongoing process of establishing a new domain name authority.
  POSTED 11/3/98
ICANN Board announces public meeting November 14.
POSTED 10/10/98
In its most recent submission to the Department of Commerce, IANA proposed the names of nine individuals to serve on the interim board of its proposed ICANN entity. To help the Internet community evaluate the candidates, the Berkman Center has posted a collection of links relating to the individuals, drawing on various news accounts, the individuals’ personal home pages (where located), and general searches of Web resources.

 In their submission to the Department of Commerce, the Boston Working Group did not designate the identity of the Initial Board members; rather, their proposal (Article V, Section 1) calls for the Initial Board to be elected by vote of the participants in the IFWP process.

Readers are encouraged to email any additional links (or corrections) -- including relevant writings, affiliations, and news accounts -- to amclaugh@law.harvard.edu.

The Free Community Network's Bob Allisat hosts a growing list of interim board nominations from IFWP participants and others. See http://www.fcn.net/nominations.html.

POSTED 10/1/98

How will the domain name system be run after power is shifted from government to private hands? IANA has released a new iteration of its articles and bylaws for "NewCo," the new private organization which will run the domain name system. Below are documents comparing the two most recent versions: (note: these require Adobe Acrobat reader)

The site originally consisted of three pages. The first (Principles) repeats the four principles of organization given by the White Paper, intended to guide any new corporation. The second (Working Drafts) compares the White Paper, statements of emerging consensus from the IFWP meetings, the articles of incorporation and bylaws prepared by IANA/ICANN and the articles of incorporation and bylaws prepared by the Boston Working Group. The third (Consensus) facilitates a discussion about the topics of consensus that have emerged through the IFWP process.

Note that this site accepts without question the many definitions of "consensus" chosen by the various working groups. For details on what level of agreement a particular group required for consensus, please check the group's original document or contact the group's scribe.


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