Resolutions for which the General Assembly Chair Found Consensus
DNSO General Assembly Meeting
August 24, 1999
Nii Quaynor, Chair

I. That the General Assembly ask the ICANN Board to consider the IDNO’s application for recognition as a constituency at its Thursday, 8/26/99 meeting.

1. That the Names Council be asked to create a working group to discuss the issue of additional constituencies.

II. That the General Assembly asks the ICANN board to consider the suggestion that the DNSO’s, ASO’s, and PSO’s newly-elected board members hold office for only one year.

III. That the GA recommend that ICANN should immediately adopt a uniform dispute resolution policy for the gTLD registrars; simultaneously a small drafting committee will be created by the names council and ICANN staff. The committee will be made up of representatives of each DNSO constituency to report to the names council with recommendations within 45 days (which includes an RFC period of at least two weeks) on the issues of:

1. definition of cybersquatting

2. accreditation of arbitration providers

3. establishment of uniform rules to govern the procedures of mandatory arbitration

4. reverse domain hijacking

5. interim relief

6. adequate contact information

7. likelihood of confusion