Proposed Resolution relating to

Address Supporting Organization



Resolves to recognize the proposal by the RIRs to establish the ASO on the basis of a MoU between ICANN and APNIC, ARIN and RIPE.

Further and in addition, the Board notes with approval the continuing efforts toward the organization and establishment of new regional Internet registries for the African and Latin American/Caribbean geographic regions (AFRINIC and LACNIC), notes the strong support for these efforts among the existing regional internet registries, and encourages all parties involved to work expeditiously to complete the necessary structural and technical tasks to enable the new registries to sign the MoU as soon as possible. Pending final recognition of the new regional internet registries, the Board encourages the ASO Council to involve representatives of those registries in the activities of the ASO as observers.

Further resolves to establish an ad hoc group to be charged with developing the objectives and proposing structures for future policies in the area of numbering, especially as required to meet global market needs and taking into account the convergence of information technology services and networks. The group will include representatives of businesses among which telecom operators and Internet service providers and trade organizations, the ASO Council, the ICANN Board and other legitimately interested parties. The group will present an interim report before the second ICANN public meeting in 2000.

Further resolves that the MoU for the ASO will be reviewed at the second Annual Meeting (2000). A final report from the ad hoc group will be presented to the ICANN Board in due time for this review.