DNSO Names Council
August 26, 1999

A) New NC Members
* Welcome of new ccTLD reps
* Recognition and welcome of NCDHC reps
* Clarificaion of gTLD rep status

B) Discussion and adoption of agenda

C) Constituencies updates (RealVideo includes remainder of the meeting))

D) WGs updates
Motions Regarding Working Group D

E) Upcoming electoral process
* NC elections
* BoD nominations: process
* Geographical diversity waivers.

F) DNSO structure
* Tasks within NC. Chair?
* Tasks within GA. Chair?
* Secretariat tasks
* overall coordination

G) Budget

H) Next telconferences and meetings

I) LA meeting

J) Motions
* Warehousing by registrars (amadeu)
* ....

K) Other business

L) Q&A from the public


For additional technical information, please contact:  

Ben Edelman and John Wilbanks
Berkman Center for Internet & Society at Harvard Law School