ICANN DNSO General Assembly - Revised Agenda
August 24, 1999
Santiago, Chile

14:00 DNSO Management/Administration Names Council Chair and General Assembly Chair
14:15 Update from the ICANN Board ICANN
14:30 Update from the Provisional Names Council Names Council Chair
15:00 Report from the Recognized, and Emerging DNSO Constituency Meetings

Presentation by Joop Teernstra
Constituency Representatives
16:00 Review of Working Groups:
Working Groups established by the Interim Names Council;
Working Groups proposed at public informal meeting held after Berlin; DNSO General Assembly
Working Group Co-chairs

ICANN Board Member Nomination Issue:
WG-D Report;
The Schedule for Elections to the ICANN Board;

Working Group D Co-chairs, ICANN
Strengthening Relationship between Names Council and General Assembly [not specifically addressed] Names Council Chair and General Assembly Chair
Open Discussion General Assembly Chair

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