ICANN Board Meeting
Open to Public Observation
August 26, 1999
Santiago, Chile

Agenda Item (linked to scribe's notes, relevant document if any) Recording Presenter
Ground Rules (audio only) Dyson
SO Director Terms - Bylaw change Fitzsimmons
Ratification of PSO MoU and Adoption of PSO Bylaws Roberts
Acceptance of ASO Proposal Kraaijenbrink
Creation of ad hoc group on convergence Kraaijenbrink
Provisional recognition of NCDNH Constituency Roberts
Adoption of Dispute Resolution Policy Touton
Acceptance of Independent Review Final Report on Principles Wilson
Extension of Initial At Large Director terms Roberts
At Large Membership Resolution Crew
Acceptance of Y2K Report from RSSAC Murai
Future schedule -- telephone meetings, Annual Meeting, etc.  

Resolutions Adopted

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